You deserve more as a developer

There are so many times I think I am not good enough and I still need to learn a lot to become a better me. During school life, my classmates told me to try to do some other jobs, IT is not suitable for a girl. I was surprised that he told me that. After graduation, I started to work full time. The seniors always laugh at me for being so bad at coding. I always think that I am not that good which is very frustrating. As a non-native speaker, I am not confident enough to speak English in a western country. Now for coding, I am still not confident enough to speak out my thoughts. Then I saw this article which reminds me that I deserve more. I can become whatever I want to be.

Don’t be a junior developer.

Study harder, try harder, you will be there. If I can only do one thing at a time. Then I choose to do the most important and most urgent thing to have a productive day. As long as I want, I can figure it out eventually. There are not really so many hard things in this world. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Don’t overestimate the world and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.

First, a plan.

You need a plan for the next phase of your life. There are too many distractions around us every day. I am trying to be a minimalist to only put my energy on some important things not everything.

Second, just do it.

1: I unsubscribed all the emails I don’t need or I don’t even check. Only keep the ones I need. Save some time for checking emails.

2: I deleted all the apps I don’t really use or I don’t really need.

3: Try to control screentime. Turn off the phone when you need to do something important. Limit your time spending on social media apps.

4: Give yourself some entertainment time. We need a good rest before we can be productive. It is totally fine to watch k-drama or Blackpink.

5: Make it part of your life routine. Then things will be easier just like your habits.

Last, check your progress.

Give yourself some timeframe. For the course, I will give myself 1 month to finish, at the same time, write down all my thoughts about the new knowledge to review what I learn from the course. The new knowledge won’t stay in your head until you are exposed to it many times.

You are better than what you think. Let’s just do it.




A software engineer

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A software engineer

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